Welcome to Nine Gates Photography, the fine art photography collections of Lucy Wu.  It is my hope that you become as enthralled as I continue to be, and love and protect all that is 'Nature' now and into the future for the Earth's new generations. Thank you for visiting, and please enjoy!   SOL07_BlueWave


 Elegant Bright green bubble-tip or bulb anemones with striking 'op art' lines

Sea Life Abstracts

Land & Night scapes

Beautiful Sea Creatures


Pure Silk Scarves


Our photography is also ideal for creating unique and beautiful silk scarves, clothing or decor fabric, as well as photo bags, notecards, personal stationery and invitations. Please click on the links for more information.  We show our art in all its forms at Perception Gallery, in the Arts Factory, Las Vegas, NV.

With warmest regards,

Lucy Wu

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