Gallery FONDATION L'ESTREE, Ropraz SWITZERLAND - 29 Jan - 28 Feb, 2011.

This was our first solo international exhibition of photographs, titled "ZOOM", and it was a fantastic opportunity in an absolutely gorgeous and unique gallery space.  Fondation L'Estree is for many of the locals, a spiritual and cultural 'magnet'.  One person described it as the 'center of the universe' - a place anyone can go to enjoy the art, performances and music that gallery owner Alain Gillieron invites into this former stable - lovingly repurposed into a magnificent and spacious gallery.

Please enjoy viewing the limited edition photographs chosen for this venue.  We've added a few photos of the gallery space in a separate collection called 'L'Estree Gallery', and had a fantastic 4-Hands piano concert by Margie Wu (Lucy's sister) and Daniel Fuerter, that was a very special featured performance on the evening of February 12th.


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